Displays of Fabrics at Japan House

Living Colour and the Work of the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop

Displays of Fabrics at Japan House

The Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop in Kyoto led by master dyer Yoshioka Sachio has created this amazing palette of colours from natural plant dyes. The dye workshop is a 200 year old family run business.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit this wondrous exhibition at Japan House in High Street Kensington, London, during London Craft Week 2019 . I wanted to share with you this series of images of beautiful silks, perfectly dyed using natural plant dyes. It was an overwhelming visual feast!

I have photographed each group of colours along with the descriptions of the combinations of colours that achieved them. These groups of colours expresses a particular aspect of the natural world. The exhibition leads you through the changing seasons and the colour combinations that help express them. These colour combinations were worn by members of the aristocracy and reflected the seasons in the colour of their clothes.

Spring Dye Colours

Summer Dye Colours

Autumn Dye Colours

Winter Dye Colours

Some Unusual Dyestuffs

There were displays of plant dye stuffs. I recorded those I was less familiar with, unavailable to me here in England.

There were videos of some of the processes by the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop. What I learnt was that it really helps to have lots of space around the fabric in your dye pots to get an even colour!

If you didn’t manage to see this wondrous exhibition of the work of the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop then I hope it gives you a taste of what you missed.